/Now Page

/Now Page

Hey there! It's your pal Bberg.

And I know: sometimes it seems like I'm all over the place. Such is the life of a multi-passionate creative! 💁🏻‍♀️

So here's the solution to that, my /Now page!

Inspired by Derik Sivers, it's a rundown of everything going on in my life, you know...now.

Here's what's up:


Personally, I'm...

  • Getting used to our recent relocation from NYC to Southern California
  • Planning our wedding (for when? for where? who knows! it's a pandemic.)
  • Working on Work Brighter and my content marketing consulting (more on those below)
  • So close to mastering baking the PERFECT challah, after successfully mastering soft pretzels 🥨
  • Continuing to figure out the best way to manage my physical & mental illnesses & neurodivergence - right now Pomodoros and body doubling are working well for productivity, and multiphasal sleep is helping with self-care!

With Work Brighter, I'm...

  • Celebrating hitting 250 editions of the Work Brighter Weekly newsletter 😮
  • Running the Work Brighter Clubhouse, our self-care community, and creating digital tools to help prevent burnout for the Work Brighter Shop
  • Using no-code to build the first Work Brighter app, Energy Sleuth (beta testing should start March 2021 🤗)
  • Gearing up to start a podcast and looking for brand sponsors
  • Looking for guest feature opportunities on blogs, podcasts, etc. to share the problems with Hustle Culture and why it's time to stop just working smarter and start working brighter

With BrittanyBerger.com, I'm...

  • Currently writing for select clients like CoSchedule and monday.com
  • Consulting for companies with piles of content in their archives they know they're not making the most of
  • Developing trainings, templates & tools for other marketers and writers
  • Writing emails and blog posts with content on content (badum bum chhh) about twice a month

(Last updated November 28, 2020 )