3 Shipping Habits That Didn't Work

July 22, 2021

Yesterday I talked about a few Ship 30 for 30 habits that evolved for me throughout the challenge. Today I want to talk about some that I dropped completely.

  • Planning out my topics. Before Ship 30 started, I planned out a whole calendar of topics. I followed them for one week at most. The second week I used a few of the planned ones and mixed in some spontaneous ones. By the third week I'd deleted the content calendar I'd mapped out.
  • Tracking my metrics. My Ship 30 tweets are not my most engaging tweets. That became clear quickly. But the point was never really about that, it was about giving me habits to write those other kinds of tweets more consistently. And by overshooting and writing a whole essay this first month, writing shorter threads will be no problem after this. Looking at how my essays were doing compared to other tweets only discouraged me.
  • Reading other people's essays. Let alone giving feedback. The first week I spent so much time scrolling and reading the cohort feed. But for every 100 essays I scrolled, I'd find 10 essays to read, then I'd have feedback or a comment on maybe 2. And my autistic brain wouldn't let me fake it or make small talk instead.

Once I let these things go, focusing on the atomic content habit became easier.

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