4 Ways I Stay Productive When I Can't Do Deep Work

July 9, 2021

Yesterday was one of those days.

Brain foggy, body heavy, eyes drooping, I was too fatigued to do the deep work I'd scheduled.

Instead of recording the videos and podcast episodes I'd had planned (with a workout in between), I spent the whole day on the couch copy and pasting data on my laptop.

But that's okay!

My approach to the day was to do as much admin as I comfortably could, to get ahead of it to make rescheduling the high energy work easier - WITHOUT overworking.

It's easy to see a day like yesterday as unproductive, but I don't. So here's what I did yesterday...ways to be productive without doing deep work.

  • Updated systems: by documenting processes and updating automations, I removed complexity and friction from work I'll do in the future
  • Consumed inspiration: by spending time reading books and blog posts, I fed my brain with thoughts and inspiration to use in the future
  • Remixed content: by optimizing, repurposing, and refreshing content, I'm better leveraging work I've done in the past
  • Digitally decluttered: by speeding up my computer and making files more findable, I'm shaving time off of almost every future computer process

See?! The work I did yesterday was important.

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