How I Plan Weeks with Both Structure and Flexibility

July 12, 2021

Do you ever shy away from structure because you love flexibility?

It's a common fear...that adding any structure, routine, or schedule to your life beyond what's necessary will feel you boxed into a boring corner.

But the right amount of structure can MAXIMIZE how flexible your life feels.

Because when you're not worrying about what's going to happen when, you have more freedom to be flexible. There's a fascinating story about how adding a fence in between a school playground and the road, so there was a clear boundary, ended up giving the school kids more space to roam and play.

So here's how I loosely structure my week with theme days to give myself space to roam within them:

  • First of all, the themes only apply to my deep work blocks. I do the same daily admin routine most days.
  • Mondays are for Work Brighter marketing content like the weekly newsletter, blog posts, and video scripts.
  • Tuesdays are for BrittanyBerger.com marketing content like that newsletter, guest posts, PR outreach, and collaborations.
  • Wednesdays are for Work Brighter product development like working on product and business strategies, updating digital products, and creating content for the membership.
  • Thursdays are for BrittanyBerger.com products and clients, working on digital products, business strategy, and any client work.
  • Fridays are for catchup and and weekly admin.
  • Saturdays are for catchup and resting from the past week.
  • Sundays are resetting for the week ahead.

Now think about your own week: could adding some clearer boundaries give you more space to explore?

If this essay helped you learn something or think differently, please consider sending a tip. I love writing and sharing things that can help others, but spending my energy this way does have repercussions for my health and business.