How my Ship 30 habit has changed so far

July 21, 2021

Schnikies! We only have a few days left of Ship 30 for 30. If this were a workout, it'd be time for the cool down.

So I figure I'll cool down.

These last few days are just going to be bit of a wind down to reflect on what I've gotten from it and where I want to take this next.

It probably won't be a metric hit, but I stopped tracking those anyway lol.

Speaking of which, here's how my daily shipping has evolved through the challenge:

  • I started off writing first thing in the morning, I now do my atomic essay whenever I want a break from work but don't want to get sucked into something like a nap or doomscroll.
  • In the beginning, I treated my atomic essays as standalone pieces of content. I now use them to outline longer form content I'm working on or freewrite, morning-pages style.
  • At first, I forced myself to create an intense, focused writing environment for my atomic essay. Now I do these on the couch and save desk time for more business-related work.
  • I started off sticking to the planned topics I laid out for myself during the prep week, but now I write about whatever's on my mind (or SHOULD be) that day.

Noticing which behaviors I've naturally been pulled towards will be helpful tomorrow, when I think about how I want this habit to evolve after the challenge officially ends.

If this essay helped you learn something or think differently, please consider sending a tip. I love writing and sharing things that can help others, but spending my energy this way does have repercussions for my health and business.