I'm Tired of Atomic Essays

July 19, 2021

Honestly, I'm tired of atomic essays.

Love the concept, love the theory behind it.

Not in practice, though, and especially not after 24 days.

I have hundreds of content ideas, dozens that I'm so excited to write about. And yet today, none met the two criteria I've been using every morning to choose my essay topic:

  • They should be ones that can be shrunken down to 250
  • They should be ones I can write 250 words of in less than an hour with minimal research

I feel like I'm running out of existing content ideas that "work" in atomic essay form.

It's also starting to get tiring to "fit" my voice and writing style to atomic essays every day, because it doesn't feel like they naturally align.

Valuable...entertaining...conversational...those are words that describe my writing. But "brief" is not. ¯\(ツ)

Finally, I wrote so many other things today. Things I'm more excited and passionate about than an atomic essay.

I put the final touches on the draft of a book summary, wrote my weekly newsletter (Work Brighter Weekly, you should subscribe, just saying), prepped the weekly content for my membership, and worked on curriculum updates for Work Brighter's energy management course.

When I wake up and know I have at least 2,000 words of writing to do for things that have direct business impact, there's less motivation to set aside time for writing that doesn't have that same connection.

And now I've ranted for 250ish words, so I'm done.