My 6-Step Weekly Reset Process

July 20, 2021

I've been feeling off all week, and I know the exact reason why.

I skipped my weekly reset.

Normally, I go through this process sometime between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, usually in two parts.

But not doing it until Monday morning this week, I could feel the difference. I woke up Monday morning having no idea what was on deck and have felt behind ever since.

And it reminds me of how Mondays always felt before I established this weekly reset routine.

The feeling I'm sure so many of you feel on Mondays now.

So if you'd like to lessen it, here's a peek at my weekly reset:

  • Clean out my screenshots folder, downloads folder, and phone photos.
  • Run CleanMyMac to clear any other file clutter
  • Process all inboxes in a loosely GTD-esque session
  • Update my Notion project manager for the following week
  • Journal my weekly wins and womp womps
  • Plan and set intentions for the week ahead

Its goal is, in the words of David Allen, to "get clear, get current, get creative."

From my to-do list to screenshots of interesting things I came across, this reset handles all open loops in my brain before I start a new week and a new cycle of creativity.

If your own creativity has felt stuck or backed up, try picking one or things from this list and doing them this weekend.

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