My Quarterly Reset Process

July 5, 2021

"Remember: this is for you, no one else."

Quiet is my kryptonite.

And quiet is what most of my Ship 30 for 30 essays were met with, so I'm dealing with some unfun feels right now.

But I keep reminding myself, "this is for you, no one else."

As I reflect on my first week-ish of Ship 30 for 30, I'm trying to remind myself of my own goals and not let the quiet get to me.

I didn't join this program to start writing, so much as to change the way I write. From a habitual, workflow-based point of view.

  • To get used to writing content in smaller chunks instead of thousands of words per sitting.
  • To clarify some of the ideas I know I want to write long-form content about later.
  • To get the rough draft or outline done.

So for these goals, engagement and praise on Twitter shouldn't matter.

Of course, that's not how I actually feel when I'm waiting for the little blue badge to show up by the notifications bell in the Twitter app.

It feels shitty, especially since rejection sensitive dysphoria is one of my most consistent and persistent ADHD symptoms.

But it's what I remind myself when those feelings come up.

The tweets I'm sending each day are just a byproduct, not the part that really matters for me.

So when I'm feeling like a failure, I try to focus on my personal goals and just keep writing.

If this essay helped you learn something or think differently, please consider sending a tip. I love writing about doing marketing differently, but spending my energy this way has real repercussions for my health and business.