Parallels Between Work Brighter and BuJo - Or Am I Just Flattering Myself?

September 5, 2020

Today I was listening to a podcast interview with Ryder Carroll that must have originally been recorded shortly after the Bullet Journal Method book (affiliate link) came out. And hearing the story of the whole method or toolkit, I was drawn to how similar his story is to my own. I felt this way originally reading the BJM book too.

Like, how he developed the method to cope with his own ADHD. I feel like so many of my own tools or mindsets are based on coping with my own mental conditions too, like evening pages (what I'm doing right now), first pancake productivity, and small batches.

They're unique processes I came up with because the normal ways of doing things didn't work for me.

But more than that, what's really exciting is how I see similarities in the reactions people had to seeing his method for the first time and hearing my methods and processes.

It gives me so much hope for what Work Brighter can be.

And then finally, I really like the way he is explicit in explaining that the bullet journal method is a "suggested" method or toolkit instead of a framework or process.

And that when other people try to put down the artistic bullet journal styles he lays out how they're using the tools correctly for them.

He's just like, really adamant that it's a varied toolkit for people to use as they please in a "you do you" way, like I want to do.

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