Ship 30 for 30 Week 2 Reflection

July 10, 2021

Since today marks the halfway point of Ship 30 for 30, I want to take a second to regroup on the insights and experiences from the first half.

First of all, I actually like doing some morning writing!

Ever since I've started using energy management daily, I've avoided doing deep work in the mornings. Because I know getting in flow and writing long-form content is easier then.

But I've also wanted to start my own version of a morning pages practice for ages now. A time where I'm not writing final draft content that requires flow, but an opportunity to get braindumps, outlines, and "public journal entries" done.

The shallower side of writing.

That's what my Ship 30 for 30 sessions feel like.

Just 15-30 minutes of casual writing to get myself ready for the harder stuff throughout the day.

I've also noticed that when I do this short writing session in the morning, I end up doing more like it throughout the day. And that only makes the deep work writing session at night even easier.

Second of all, I don't know if this writing is best for Twitter long-term.

It was great for getting the habit started, but the amount of engagement I'm getting, compared to the amount of energy I'm putting into generated engagement, is unsustainable.

The disappointment in that sometimes cancels out the confidence produced by starting my day writing. So then it's back to zero.

I'm going to keep thinking about it today, for tomorrow's essay on adjustments I'll make for the final two weeks.

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