Sophia Amoruso is launching a course?

October 4, 2020

Of course, it's another $2,000 How to Start a Business course for female entrepreneurs. 🙄

The fact that another celebrity entrepreneur is launching a $2k course did make me roll my eyes at first, I'll admit.

But after a minute, I realized that Sophia Amoruso might be one of the few celebrity entrepreneurs that actually should launch a course at that price.

And after reading an article about it and checking out the sales page, I'm thinking:

Her "Business Class" is what "B-School" and every other similar course from a Marie Forleo follower or wannabe wants to be, and says it is.

Like, most people start selling their $2k course after a few hundred grand made and a few years in business.

Sophia has over a decade of entrepreneurship and her businesses have made hundreds of millions (billions?) in total revenue. She's run multiple successful businesses of VERY different models and various forms of funding.

And for all Sophia's problems, and for all her companies' problems, I will say this: she knows how to grow a business.

To be clear, I still don't like her.

And there are a lot of things I wouldn't take her advice on.

For example, I'm glad to see that there's a bonus on running an inclusive business and that she's not teaching it, a Black woman is.

But she seems to be staying in her lane here. And this is ACTUALLY her lane.

Plus the branding is AMAZING.

So there's that. ¯\(ツ)

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