Systems are everywhere...even my uterus 🙃

November 20, 2020

The latest systems challenge I've undertaken?

My period.

And now that I've solved that challenge, and am SO EXCITED about it, I once again have proof that systems help everything. 😝

Here's the deal:

Over the past few years, how I've dealt with my period has needed to change a lot due to my health issues.

Periods have gotten more painful, both the actual period and the few days before and after. I had used tampons for my period almost exclusively, but couldn't use them on really painful days.

So when Thinx was having a sale earlier this year, I bought a two-pack to try out.

I had only planned on using them on the really bad days, but after a few cycles with them now, I'm wearing them almost the whole time.

They're exactly what I needed, and I can't wait to buy more.

But until then, I have two pairs for a period that lasts four or five days.

Given that the most annoying part of period underwear in general (imo) is the laundry, I wanted to figure out a good routine for dealing with it.

Especially since I'm not great at dealing with laundry in general, and these are too expensive and too gross when dirty for that behavior.

It's taken some trial and error, but I've finally figured out a routine that doesn't feel like a ton of extra work:

  • The first day I get my period, it's just light spotting, so I just put a thin liner in whatever I'm wearing at the time.
  • I change my underwear when I shower before bed. I'll put on the first pair of Thinx then, along with a tampon. That's the one time I can easily wear them still, since I'm not awake for any discomfort.
  • When I wake up in the morning, I take the tampon out and spend the day relying on the Thinx alone.
  • The medium absorbency underwear holds 2 tampons' worth, which lasts all day.
  • When it's time to shower again, I handwash the underwear in the sink while the shower water is warming up.

Since they dry within 24 hours, two pairs is enough as long as I stay on top of washing them, which is easy when I tack it onto my shower.

I've been able to easily repeat this cycle so far, and then I give them both a more thorough wash once my period's over.

It took awhile to warm up to the idea of period underwear for me...I think I first considered them years ago but they seemed too uncomfortable compared to tampons.

Once I couldn't wear tampons as much anymore, they made more sense. And I was surprised at how much I love them. I'm definitely planning to build the collection up more over time, and am watching the holiday sales for a few different brands.

But yeah...everything is a system! 🤓

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