The 5 Levels of Hustle Culture Divestment

July 14, 2021

Divesting from Hustle Culture isn't an overnight process.

After a lifetime of conditioning, internalized capitalism isn't that easy to "just shake off."

(If only!)

Instead, I look at it as a journey with several stages and rest stops along the way.

Here are those stages:

  • Stage 0: "I am tied to my productivity. My worth is tied to my productivity. The goal of life is to be a Productive Member of Society and work as much as possible."
  • Stage 1: "Rest is valuable because it makes me more productive. So I should rest enough to optimize my productivity."
  • Stage 2: "Rest is valuable on its own. There are other types of value than those useful in capitalism and my career."
  • Stage 3: "Rest is actually more valuable than work. Capitalism's glorification of productivity has just effectively obscured that."
  • Stage 4: "Fuck work, fuck capitalism, bless rest."

Which are you at?

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