The Kind of Consistency I Crave

July 16, 2021

I want consistency, but only a certain kind.

I don't want consistency at the expense of my mental health. I don't want consistency that feels rushed and stressful. I don't want consistency I can feel at all.

I want comfortable consistency.

That's what I decided in January while setting my focus theme for the year.

I had just moved, and upended all of my routines and habits. It was a chance to start fresh and build my ideal ones on a blank slate. What did I want that picture to look like? How did I want my days to play out?

The answer I landed on: as much routine as possible.

My autism and ADHD need it.

Constantly switching up how my days are structured, what I'm working on, or my energy expenditure patterns messes with not just my head, but the rest of my body, too.

Batching all the work for one project or brand, then moving onto another, doesn't work for me.

Going all-in on one thing until I'm spent isn't healthy or fulfilling for me.

Touching all of the projects I'm passionate about at least once each week is.

Like I've touched on before, I still keep my daily routines flexible. And I make them as easy and natural as possible.

I love my routines.

So why abandon them for my passion projects, instead of making the two work together?

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