What do I do with this new Atomic Essay habit?

July 11, 2021

Moving into the second half of #Ship30for30, I'm thinking about:

  1. Intentions for the course's last two weeks
  2. What happens after that

Intentions for #Ship30for30 Act II

So far I've loved the writing habit structured.

But I've struggled with the lack of engagement. Especially compared to the effort I'm putting into writing and reading and engaging with other people's essays. Either the time or rejection sensitive dysphoria will get to me.

What can I do to amplify the former and minimize the latter?

That's what I want to explore in Act II.

I want to turn this into something that amplifies, not inhibits, my confidence. That probably takes adjusting the initial constraints of the daily essay, to something that works better for me personally.

Intentions for after the 30 for 30 days

It's also time to think about what will happen after the course.

I know I want to continue writing something short in the morning before diving into the rest of my work for the day, then doing my "big" writing session at night. And I know that posting keeps me accountable, like how sharing my to-do list on Stories helps remind me to write it.

But I'm not so sure about publishing "finished" pieces of content daily.

It'd be interesting to try posting outlines or shorter excerpts of pieces I'm working on, or some other way to achieve accountability and hype without writing full daily essays.

If this essay helped you learn something or think differently, please consider sending a tip. I love writing about doing marketing differently, but spending my energy this way has real repercussions for my health and business.