What to Do Instead of Starting with Services

October 12, 2021

In my last thread, I talked about why I disagree with the advice that services are the easiest way to start an entrepreneurial journey.

So what are the options instead?

1. Product-based side hustle

2. Part-time bridge job

3. Work at a startup


The "start with services" advice comes from the assumption that money's the only thing that matters.

And if you just leap into full-time entrepreneurship with no transition, that will be true.

But we can try to avoid that.


If you want to start a product-based business, quitting employment cold turkey → starting a service-based business → transitioning services to products is a roundabout way to get there.

The simpler option is to jump straight to the business model you want, but as a side hustle.


This is what I wish I could have done!

Instead of freelancing full-time with my template shop as essentially a side hustle, I could have built that shop while still working a job with PTO and health insurance.


If side hustling on the side of a full-time job isn't for you, consider if it's possible to take a "bridge job:" a part-time job that can help pay bills while you build your business.

That way you can make business decisions based on long-term vision instead of paying your rent.


And finally, if you want to learn how to run a business, work at a startup.

I 100% believe it gave me a huge head start when I started my business. And that's part of why I decided to work at one before taking any of my side projects full-time.


I know these are all ideal scenarios and reality is not that.

I didn't get to follow the career transition plan I originally made when I decided to start my business.

But I also think we need to stop glorifying full-time entrepreneurship & talk about the different options.