Why I Stopped Selling to Entrepreneurs

October 10, 2021

We talk a lot about product/market fit.

Less frequently, we talk about product/founder fit.

But what about founder/market fit?

It's something we need to consider as well, and I learned that the hard way.

When I first went full-time in my business, I started shifting my brand to focus more on serving other entrepreneurs and small business owners. It seemed to make sense, since I like relating to my customers and lots of them needed help with content marketing.

What I didn't take into account was the values and identity part of things.

I was starting this business at the same time that I was in serious treatment for a lot of mental and physical illness and coming to terms with my internalized ableism. I was starting to see how Hustle Culture amplified it, which was part of why I left in-house work in tech.

What I didn't see at the time, was that all the values and beliefs that made the tech space toxic for me, were just as prevalent in the entrepreneurship space.

Maybe even more so.

The industry being driven by ableism did not make it easy to gain authority and respect as someone who doesn't know how to be quiet about my disabilities anymore.

Forget getting people to see me as an expert, I was having trouble getting them to see me as human.

It became impossible to improve my mental health and improve my business at the same time, and I had to make a choice.

I chose my mental health and changed my business.