Why I'm Doing Ship 30 for 30

June 26, 2021

Baby steps make big things happen.

This is one of the foundations of working brighter: that the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to do anything big or scary is to break it down into small steps.

So why haven't I used that same mindset in my writing, the stuff that shares Work Brighter's message?

Because old habits die hard.

So that's why I'm in Ship 30 for 30.

Ya see, for about 10 years, I've written several thousand words per week.

But since The Big Break Down and Flare Up of 2017 (I'll prob do a separate essay on that), even at my healthiest and most energetic that's not as easy as it used to be.

More often than not, I write 2,000 words on Monday, plan to do another 2,000 on Wednesday, but my brain's still recovering from the Monday sprint.

It's easy to say it's not working, but way harder to change such an ingrained routine.

Pacing is not a strong suit of mine. I dance til I drop, eat til I'm stuffed, shop til I'm broke, and write til I'm exhausted. I'm a maximalist to the point of self-harm.

So to keep myself on track, I'm using Ship 30 for 30 as my new habit guardrails.

Baby steps, 250 words per day, watching them all accumulate.

Because baby steps add up.

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