Why TV is my favorite productivity tool

July 17, 2021

What if all the productivity gurus are wrong about TV?

Pick up almost any book in the self-help aisle, scroll any thought leader's Twitter feed, or take any productivity course, and you'll see it. The TV-hating.

They say you can't meet your goals and enjoy Netflix, that you can't be mindful and watch Netflix, that you can't be driven and love TV.

But I am proof positive that they're wrong.

TV isn't keeping me from being productive. It makes me MORE productive.

Here's how:

TV fuels my creativity

I can't keep track of how many brilliant ideas I've gotten from an episode of TV anymore. Either from seeing something that directly gave me an idea, or from using TV to distract myself during the incubation phase of creativity, when you want to step away from your work.

TV time blocks my breaks

When I take a break from work to eat lunch, do housework, or some other short task, I use a sitcom episode as a natural time block. It's way more fun than a timer, and makes chores more fun.

Bonus: most modern sitcoms are around 25 minutes without the commercials, that's perfect for a Pomodoro!

TV makes me happy

Finally, I just like TV. And that's reason enough to keep watching it.

Because what's the point of being productive but miserable?

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