How to Track Your Productivity & Energy With Airtable

How to Track Your Productivity & Energy With Airtable

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August 4, 2019

The gist: if you’re looking to do an energy management audit, Airtable is my favorite place to do it. Here’s a look inside my own energy management tracker there.


Are you reaaaally a morning person, or do you just feel like you should be one?

Should you exercise in the morning or afternoon?

When’s the best time to write?

These are all questions that energy management can help you answer. I’ve talked about this before, but today I’m showing you inside the tool I use to make it so, so easy – my own energy management tracker in Airtable.

This is part 3 in a series all about unlocking your own unicorn energy. If you need to catch up and watch the first two, here’s 1 and 2.

Like I said before, today I’m showing you my energy management tracker.

The version of the tracker I’m showing you now is in Airtable. That’s because I freaking love Airtable, and you’ll see why when I show you. But a tracker like this can be done in lots of different tools, and I’ve used a lot of different versions over the years.

For example, in the Unlock Your Unicorn Energy challenge, I offer both this Airtable version, and the Google Forms version I used before I started using Airtable.

And when I first started using energy management, I used a piece of paper on my desk to keep track of things.

The best tool to use for your energy management tracker is one that you already use.

That said, Airtable is amazing, and if you want the exact tracker I show you in this video, you can download it for free here.

Whether you use this template or create your own, let’s see what’s inside.

Inside My Airtable Energy Management Tracker

Part 1: The Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is the main view of the tracker, and what you’ll see first when you log into it:

You can see that it’s just a simple summary of the entries you’ve made, and there are spots to track everything I talked about in my last video, about conducting an energy management audit.

What’s cool about having this all in a database is that you get summaries for each category and each entry. This helps you notice patterns and whatnot, which comes in during the analyze part of the audit.

So that’s the basic summary view, and you could technically add new entries there.

But there’s also a dedicated form you can use to add new entries:

Part 2: The Form View

This way you can just keep it open in a new tab or in your bookmarks to enter your 30-second entries throughout the day, without opening up the whole spreadsheet.

With the form view you can add a new entry in like, 5 clicks and 30 seconds. So easy.

And in the Unlock Your Unicorn Energy Challenge, I recommend people set up reminders to help them with their audit. If you use the form you can literally hyperlink your reminders to it, and it’s all super smooth and streamlined and awesome. 🤓

And that’s all there is to it!

Start Tracking Your Energy

It’s so simple, but helps so much.

And if you don’t use this exact tracker, at least create a version of it in whatever tool works for you.

Start tracking, start energizing, and unlock that next level of productivity. 🙌

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